PIRANHAS In The Amazon Forest


There have been reports of piranhas killing people in the river and biting  peoples limbs when they go swimming. Piranhas have really sharp teeth that  can tear flesh off any animal or human beings with in seconds, so i would not be surprised if they kill people. Piranhas are more active during the dry seasons because that’s when there is less food in the rivers,  just like any other animal in mother nature not only do piranhas eat on dead animals but they also attack  things that is sick, so if you enter the river with some type of sickness you are more likely to get attacked.


In what areas of the Amazon forest do piranhas exist ?

Piranhas have said to been spotted in the Amazon basin where most attacks have taken place over the years,  They also said  that there have been sightings in Brazil, Bolivar,  and Argentina. Piranhas are only is south America and have not been spotted any where else, this is because they prefer white and black water rivers more than any other type of rivers, and there feeding habit is great for this type of environment because when the animals die near the river they get washed up and taken away by the current, this means that the Piranhas have an easy access to food supply.  piranhas also like to live in the warm waters, and not cold waters so if the water is below 54 degrees Fahrenheit, then they won’t eat and will just die.

This is a map of  piranha infested waters




How big are piranhas ?

There have been reports of many sized piranhas from big to small but most sized piranhas are 14 to 26 cm long, The big ones are said to grow up to 43 cm long. Some Piranhas teeth can grow up to  4 cm tall. This makes them a deadly predator go up against or even swim with, it’s like swimming with a mini shark



How do Piranhas hunt and kill their prey ?

Piranhas tend to hunt in packs with other piranhas and focus on 1 target at a time, they all go in and start using their razor sharp teeth to devour any meat or flesh that they are eating. They don’t kill their prey first, they just go straight in and start feasting on their flesh while they are still alive. It is said that when they are in a feeding frenzy the water appears to  start boiling and come up red with blood. They can rip there prey’s skin off with in seconds on attacking it with their razor sharp teeth and all of them attacking together. In the process of feeding, it is said that they also take bites out of their own. Piranhas also have a very good nose and can smell blood through thick water from very far away, so if you have a wound that is open they can smell that.

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The green inferno

The green inferno is a new movie that is coming out some time in 2015 or 2016, and it is set in the amazon forest. This movie is about this group of people that wan’t to save the amazon forest from getting chopped down so they are on there way to the amazon forest, but on there way their there plane crashes in the middle of the forest, and they are all knocked out from the crash. When they wake up they find them self’s to be captured by this tribe that lives in the amazon forest, But what they don’t know is that they are cannibals and they are going to eat them, So the group of people that crashed in the forest are trying to escape the tribe and get out of the forest safely.

It is said that this movie was filmed deep it the amazon forest, no one has ever gone before so you will be seeing some amazon forest in the movie.

The amazing true story behind this film is that the cannibals in the film are a real tribe that live in the amazon forest so this is crazy to


This one tribe is called the Wari’ people also known as Pakka nova which are indigenous tribe that lives in the amazon part of Brazil. The Europeans used the name Pakka nova to refer to Wari’ because they encounter the indigenous people near there, The Wari’ tribe is the last of its kind the other tribes like them got exterminated by the Europeans.

Where do they live ?
Up until the 19th century the Wari’ tribe was present in the amazons southeast near a large river bank called the pakka nova river, in the early 20th the Brazilians were in search of rubber trees which forced the wari’ tribe to less river banks, they were confined in that area until the pacification. Today they live in seven settlements located in the state of Rondônia, Brazil.


This means that they would eat the dead bodies of there family when they died to show respect for the dead one, These days the wari’ clan do not do this method any more they just burn the dead body after 3 to 2 days of death.


The wari’ tribe were enemy’s with there neighboring tribes because they didn’t see them as one of them they saw them as a different type of tribe, After the wari’ tribe finished war with the neighboring tribes they would then bring home the dead body’s of the enemy’s then prepare them for a meal to server to the men and woman and children that stayed at home to strengthen the group. The men that went to fight would then after war come back and drink the enemy’s blood which they believed that they would then gain the enemy’s strength, the warriors were not aloud to take part in eating the enemy’s dead body after they drank there blood because they thought that would be an act of self-cannibalism, which would then result in them dying.


The wari’ tribe catch there fish in a special way, by getting this poisonous plant then they beat the plant to get all the toxic juice out of it then when they have all the toxic juice they then shut off 1 end of the water flow by getting leafs and branch, then dumping the toxic juice in to the river where then the fish will float to to top and then can be easily obtained.


this is the Wari’ tribe



DUGUM DANI VILLAGE, BALIEM VALLEY, IRIAN JAYA, NEW GUINEA, INDONESIA - JUNE 20: People of a new Guinean tribe Dugum Dany in traditional the village at the hovels. Traditional clothes and Painting. June 20, 2012, Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya, Indonesian New Guinea








What is Americas?


Most people all ways get confused with this question cause what most people don’t know is that America is a big content not just the USA its got many more countries inside it like Brazil, Peru and many more. Most people just think that USA is mainly America but that is not true it has a lot more history to it and it is just its own place in America.


One of the biggest parts in America is the Amazon rain forest, which takes up 9 different countries that have this rain forest in their backyard. What people don’t know is that people are already chopping down the AMAZON and destroying it and get rid of our oxygen that we live off from that rain forest that supply’s the world a massive 20 percent of the worlds oxygen supply, So without the amazon forest that = good bye human beings and goodbye nature and goodbye animals and basically any thing living on this planet.

Also what people don’t know is that there are people living the forest called tribes which have been there more all most thousands of years now and they have never been in contact with the outside world, so this means that we could bring them virus and infected them with what they are not immune to. Also some of the tribes are cannibals not all tribes are but maybe the very few tribes are like 1 or 2 the rest are peaceful, So imagine if we chopped down the whole of the AMAZON forest many bad things would happen like no more air for us to breath freely which would mean many things would die like plants animals humans and when this happens it would basically means the end of the world. Also the tribes that live in the forest which have not any other human beings before we could give them a virus if we came in contact with them.

So this is why we should start saving the amazon forest and stop chopping down so many trees at a time and take care of our oxygen and thing of the animals and the humans that need this air to breath. It is also said that the forest holds up to an estimated of 10 million species of plants, animals and insects that live in the amazon forest so with out them we won’t be able to get much more food supply’s and study mother nature.

But if we stopped chopping down the amazon so fast now we could save all that from happening, and still be able to live on this plant for another 100 years with out no problems breathing air or worrying about animals dying and, worrying about a food source dying that we can never grow back. And we can still have more plants to study and and trees to study and we should keep it that way and make sure we live on for a long time.