My first photoshop tutorial

Hi this is my first photo shop tutorial I did and I will explain stuff about what I did here. Hope you enjoy.

Handsome black male fashion model shirtless

What do I know about what I did here?

what I did here was turn a normal person in to a video game character using Photoshop only.

Who made the tutorial ? ¬† that’s who makes the tutorials

How long did it take me to make the character?

It took me about 2 weeks to make it.

Was the tutorial hard or easy?

Yes at some points of the tutrial it was hard but ones you start doing it you will get it and understand what to do. And ive been doing photo shop for a year now so it was medium for me.

What did I learn from it?

I learnt from the tutorial how to use the brush tool to cut out some pieces or blend pieces in better. Also how add some new affects and changing the tone with hue saturations.