What is mental toughness ?
mental toughness is the moment you want to give up, you push further, it is a way of strengthening your mind.

Why is it important to have mental toughness?
mental toughness is important in everyday life for many reasons, for example [working-out] [Food wise] it is just a great thing to have overall.

How mental toughness is used in working out.
When you are working out and you want to give up, because you are tired/lazy/bored, you don’t give up, you push yourself that extra mile, and say to yourself ‘Come on I can do this just a little bit more’. This makes the brain stronger, and makes you fitter, getting out those extra reps or not putting your kettlebell down during long cycle for 10 minutes.

How mental toughness is used food wise.
Mental toughness can also be used food wise as well. For example when you are eating at lunch and you are about to finish up your meal and your friend ask’s you do you want any thing for desserts? But you all ready had one yesterday or the day before you say no thank you. This prevents you from getting fat and preforming better during workouts. It is good to have desserts but only in moderation just like everything else in life.

Here is a video of me doing long cycle with a two 16’s for 10 minutes with out putting the bell down for the full 10 minutes. I did not even train for two 16’s, I went straight from two 12’s to two 16’s. How you may ask ? the answer is mental toughness.
With mental toughness any thing is possible.