I have recently moved from Vietnam to Thailand CHIANG MAI and I am loving it, the traffic here is so much better then Vietnam’s, it’s a lot safer to on the scooter and walk/cross the streets. The people here are also a lot nicer and friendlier then the Vietnamese people, the Thai people don’t yell at you and scream in your face like the Vietnamese do, it’s like we are back home with normal people.

This week I have made a new video on you tube it is about csgo how to install custom fonts for your game. Here is link please go check it out and subscribe like and share it helps me a lot , Also this week we were meant to get some dogs that were french bulldog puppies but it turns out that it was a scam and I am really upset now because I was looking forward to getting a new family member and looking after them and going for walks and feeding them, I don’t get why people scam its just stupid why do people that scam have such a bad heart and take your money just like that and not say any thing or even care about the other people’s feelings.

Vietnam compared to Thailand is heaven because every thing is just so much better here, people, traffic, shops, malls, every thing is just so good here. The malls are so huge compared to Vietnam, they have so many more shops here and the size of the malls are huge. There are like 6 story’s tall of shops, Vietnam’s biggest mall has about 10 floors max on 1 mall but here in Thailand 6 floors max to 1 mall and that’s nothing compared to Bangkok. Vietnamese biggest mall where we lived had 6 floor’s, And over here 1 shopping mall has 10 floors to 1 mall.

I like the fact that over here we can walk to a shopping mall and not get bothered by any people, the traffic or the sound of horns going off every 1 second and when I mean every second, I 1 second, you will hear at least 1 horn go off. Over here you can go 1 whole day with on the motor scooter driving around the city and not hear 1 single horn go off and its like music to your ears and makes every thing so much more peaceful.

Vietnam has some good things, like the beaches and the mountains, but that’s about it, every thing else is just either annoying or just dangerous. So I advise when you are planing a holiday don’t make Vietnam one of your places to visit unless its for 1 week, because really there is nothing there that is special unlike Thailand, Over here there is a lot of special stuff like the shopping malls, the people, and just every thing else in general. So, if i had to rate Vietnam would probably give it a 4/10.

If you have any questions about where I live now or how Vietnam was just leave a comment below and ill get back to you.

Awesome colour effects

Today in photo shop i made an awesome colour effect on a girls hair. I made it from looking all bland and old to all bright a bloomy. I did this by taking a colour and changing the effect to light so that it stands out and then add a blur to it and bang done.

Awesome hair

Photo shop creation

Today in photo shop I made a you tube Banner art.


Fearless gaming yotubebanner art

I made this by first getting a back ground from the web and cutting it out.

2nd I got some images of games characters and cut them out and placed them on top of the back ground photo. Then added some effects to the images.

3rd I created some text and put on top of the back ground image and then added some yellow stroke to it so that it can stand out more and be more visible.



Please tell me what you think of it and leave a comment on what you would like to see me do ?? next.

Photo shop cool text

Hello World I found out this cool way to make cool effects to text/images. It makes it like like 3d kinda and awesome looking so here it is.


Fearless gaming  cool text


I made this by first making the background black.


Then adding some text on top of the background.


Then adding a clouds layer to it from the  Effects tab


Then getting a custom brush and brushing over the  text and it makes star effects, I will post a video on youtube on how to do this later this week so if you want to know how to do this the simple way please watch the video thxs,


Hope you like it.

A Design I Made

Hello and today I was doing some photo shop thinking about what to make and I had an idea On to make a cool back ground with cool effects. So here is what I made.




I made this by getting some photos from the web and then playing them on one another and change the layer mode to lighten so that it then only shows the black and the dark stuff. And then also wrote some text on top and added some effects to it like drop shadow and upped the contrast in the photo.

Hope you like and thanks for checking this out.

adobe illustrator

panda-2Hello today I have made some art work in adobe illustrator. I made a panda from scratch with only just using shapes from the shapes tools on the side of the bar. IT was hard to make cause you had to get all the shapes lined up and make them look like a panda. IF you would like know more on how to make this then leave a comment below and I will get back to you.