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About Book

This is the first page of the book- Into The Heart Portal:

Chapter 1: The Oracle

Have you ever questioned your entire existence? At this stage of my life, I’m questioning the point of working. I‘m not getting anywhere financially as a corporate accountant, and there are times at work when stress overtakes my body to the point where I need external assistance to undo the knots in my shoulders. Basically, I’m simply going through the motions of life. Fortunately, I spend my weekends hiking in nature, which prevents me from spiraling into the pits of darkness.


I have an inner compulsion to quit my current job, leave my family and friends, and become a monk. My Chinese genetics and clean-shaven scalp could signal that I’m already halfway there. Several years ago, in 2017, I visited a local Buddhist monastery. I learned that becoming a monk would mean that I don’t ever have to worry about making money, owning assets, and dealing with the anxiety caused by other people. If my need for shelter and food was being met, I could simply meditate to attain enlightenment.


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