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What is the Heart Portal?

The Heart Portal is a spherical energy inside every living being that can connect to people, places and to Source or God. The Heart Portal is from the 12th dimension. It is called the Heart Portal to differentiate it from the heart chakra and the physical heart.

Where is the Heart Portal?

The Heart Portal sits in the centre of the chest. It is invisible, dormant and unknown until it is connected into. Everyone has a Heart Portal.

Why is the Heart Portal important?

The Heart Portal allows you to connect to your own energetic source of unconditional love. Connecting to it allows you to feel unconditional love within you and be nourished of your own unconditional love. Therefore you do not seek external love outside of you to fulfill your inner world.

How do I connect to my Heart Portal?

You need to set the intention to connect into your Heart Portal. Set the intention of: "I set my intention to connect to my Heart Portal.  After setting the intention, you need to take actions to continually purify your energy. All energetic bodies comprise of the body, mind, emotion and Heart Portal.

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